Breaking the Computer Buying Cycle

That New pc Smell

If you’re like the majority once they leave and obtain a brand new laptop computer you almost certainly get excited after you take it out of the box, flip it on and marvel at how briskly it runs. once a pc is new it continuously looks to run quicker and boot up faster than your recent pc. The applications and games appear to run with none hamper and after you get on the net the pages load instantly on the screen, and you’ll quickly surf from one web site to a different. Overtime tho’, your pc will hamper and not run as quickly because it did once it had been new.

This hamper will occur for a spread of reasons and once it happens it will be frustrating and spoil your computing expertise. usually times once this happens it will be corrected by either improvement up your disc drive, or running some medicine. maybe the pc contains a virus and once you take away the virus, performance will be fixed up. What does one do tho’ if you’ve got done all those things and your pc continues to be running slow?

If your pc is running slow even once you’ve got removed any viruses and tried to boost system performance, it may mean that the stress you’re currently putting on your pc have exceeded the computer’s capability.

As we have a tendency to use our computers we have a tendency to tend to put in new code applications and conceive to run additional applications at the same time. The new code we have a tendency to install will need bigger pc resources corresponding to additional hardware and a quicker central processor, or central process unit to run the code applications or games properly.

If you’re like American state you prefer to own multiple code applications running or multiple net browser windows open at a similar time which will utilize bigger amounts of pc resources likewise. The additional resources you utilize, the slower the pc can run.

This is a continuing drawback in computing as a result of engineering doubles roughly each eighteen months. in an exceedingly demand for additional feature wealthy code applications, code developers produce additional resource overwhelming code programs. to fulfill the raised demands of the code, pc makers still build quicker, dearer computers. This, in my opinion, may be a vicious circle wherever so as to take care of a quick and pleasant computing expertise, {the pc|the pc} user is forced to travel out and obtain a brand new computer each few years.

Fortunately on behalf of me I actually have ne’er had to fret this drawback. i’m a licensed pc skilled and are building and repairing computers for over fifteen years. after I desire a quicker pc I don’t leave and obtain a brand new overpriced pc. I actually have learned a way to break the new pc shopping for cycle by upgrading my pc. By upgrading my pc instead of shopping for new, I will merely build myself a quicker pc at a fraction of the value.

You can break {the pc|the pc} shopping for cycle too and you are doing not need to be a computer skilled like American state to try to to it. you simply got to apprehend many things concerning computers, be handy with a screw driver and be ready to follow many easy instructions; however before you start to place confidence in upgrading your pc, it would be vital to urge a quick summary on however a pc works.

Computer Basics

Computers area unit created from a mixture of hardware and code operating along. after you are not acquainted with however a pc functions then they’ll appear terribly complicated. you’ll scale back that complexness, once you perceive however a pc works at a basic level.

At its most elementary level a pc receives input and produces output. A pc receives input through input devices corresponding to the keyboard and mouse (hardware). on every occasion we have a tendency to click the mouse on a link or move the mouse across the screen we have a tendency to area unit giving the pc input or AN instruction to try to to one thing.

The computer receives the input as AN signaling created by the click or keystroke on the keyboard. This signal is transmitted through the pc ANd is born-again into digital information wherever it will be understood as an instruction by the software package, code application or game.(software)

The computer processes digital instruction information and produces output as either a picture or words on the pc screen or maybe as a output signal on a printer.

What makes a pc quick is its ability to receive input, and manufacture output quickly. There area unit many elements a pc wants so as to operate however there area unit 3 primary elements that directly have an effect on how briskly a pc will operate.

The 3 primary pc elements that handle the process of input and build a pc quick area unit the:

Motherboard or Main System board

CPU or Central process Unit

RAM or Random Access Memory

The Motherboard

Without obtaining too technical, the Motherboard is that the pc part that connects all the hardware along on the pc. you’ll consider the Motherboard as {a information|a knowledge|an information} pike that links along all the elements of the pc and permits them to transmit data between one another and and communicate.

Every pc part on the pc connects to the Motherboard either by being connected on to the Motherboard or connecting via an information cable. The devices or elements that connect with the Motherboard area unit the central processor, RAM Memory, Hard Drive, CD ROM/DVD drive, Video Card, Sound Card, Network Card, Modem, Key Board, Mouse and Monitor.

There area unit further peripheral devices which may connect with the Motherboard likewise through a spread of information ports that area unit connected to the Motherboard corresponding to a printer, photographic camera, microphone, and even a video. These devices will connect with the Motherboard exploitation one amongst many ports corresponding to a USB, Parallel, Fire-Wire, SATA (Serial-ATA), or HDMI (High Definition multimedia system Interface) port.

In short the Motherboard provided the info communication infrastructure that permits communication between all the devices. What makes one Motherboard quicker than another is that the volume {of information|of knowledge|of information} it will support being transmitted across what’s referred to as it’s data BUS and also the speed at that it will transmit the info. a method to consider it’s in terms of a street. consider {the information|the info|the information} bus as a street and also the data area unit like cars driving down the road. Older Motherboards communication was the equivalent of a 2 means 2 lane street with a ordinance of twenty five MPH. nowadays the new Motherboards area unit like eight lane highways with 200MPH speed limits.

New Motherboards area unit quicker as a result of they’ll enable additional information traffic at higher speeds.


The central processor or Processor is that the brain of the pc. The central processor carries out all the directions that you simply in conjunction with the software package, like Windows XP or Windows seven, asks it to try to to. CPUs will solely do one instruction at a time however they are doing it therefore quick it feels like they’re doing multiple tasks at only once or “Multitasking”.

Newer CPUs area unit quicker as a result of their “clock speed” or “clock cycle” is quicker. The clock speed is that the speed at that a central processor will do directions. you’ll consider clock speed just like the temporal order of a pendulum, the device that helps musicians keep the correct time. A pendulum contains a hand on the front of it that swings back and forth at a temporal order interval you set. because it swings back and forth it ticks sort of a clock. just like the pendulum the central processor additionally ticks at a collection interval however a central processor ticks at AN unbelievably quick rate that is measured in Mega or GHz. The central processor carries out AN instruction on each tick of its clock cycle.

New central processors can’t solely do directions at terribly high clock speeds however they’ll even be created from multiple CPU Cores. every Core will do its own directions. after you have a twin Core central processor it will do 2 directions at a similar time and a Quad Core central processor will do four. There area unit even six Core CPUs out currently and just like the newer Motherboards these CPUs even have a bigger information BUS to send and receive information quicker through the Motherboard enhancing the computers overall performance.

RAM Memory

RAM or Random Access Memory is what stores all the directions you’ve got asked the pc to hold out. on every occasion we have a tendency to act with our pc we have a tendency to area unit making instruction information for the central {processing unit|CPU|C.P.U.|central processor|processor|mainframe|electronic equipment|hardware|computer hardware} to process and even the only interaction, like moving the mouse across the screen, needs several single directions the central processor should do. {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} imagine that taking part in a video game or running AN application like Adobe photograph look can produce an incredible quantity of directions for the central processor. The central processor is quick and might execute loads of directions quickly however it cannot do all directly that is why we’d like an area to store the directions till they’ll be processed. this can be why RAM was created.

RAM is essentially the storage place for all the directions that area unit waiting to be dead by the central processor. you’ll typically tell after you do not have enough RAM after you have clicked on the mouse or hit the enter key to initiate a program and also the hour glass simply sits there spinning on the screen. It will seem that our pc has latched up or froze however what’s truly happening is that the pc is finishing the series of directions it’s been given before it will perform any longer directions. once this happens we have a tendency to sometimes see it because the pc shortly lockup up. it’s additionally terribly frustrating.

The best thanks to resolve this drawback is by merely adding additional RAM to your pc. Adding additional RAM is probably the simplest thanks to increase the performance of your pc. Increasing the number of RAM in your pc will facilitate your pc run quicker as a result of it permits your shop additional directions. This lets the pc do loads of directions whereas you still do your work and it reduces the pc freeze ups.

The speed of the RAM you utilize may also facilitate the pc. If you utilize RAM that contains a quicker information Bus speed it will send the directions it’s storing to the central processor at a quicker rate. The quicker the central processor gets the directions the quicker it will carry them out and also the quicker your pc can run.

The amount and kind you’ll use is settled by the sort of central processor and Motherboard you utilize. The Bus speed of the central processor and Motherboard likewise because the capability of RAM the Motherboard will acknowledge can verify what sort of RAM and the way a lot of you’ll use.

Some Motherboards can enable you to put in the maximum amount as 32GBs of RAM and most Motherboards can acknowledge multiple Bus speeds therefore you’ll use many differing kinds of RAM. usually speaking the quicker the BUS speed and also the larger storage capability of the RAM, the quicker your pc can perform. The vital issue to recollect tho’ is that with larger capability and speed comes higher value.

What’s nice concerning upgrading RAM is most Motherboards will accommodate many completely different speeds and capacities of RAM therefore you’ll begin out with a slower speed and smaller capability, which is able to be pricely|more cost-effective} reducing your initial upgrade cost then later down the road you’ll upgrade your RAM to a bigger capability and high speed.

Replacing the Motherboard, central processor and RAM is really loads easier than you’ll suppose. The central processor and RAM area unit directly connected to the motherboard therefore you’ll replace all 3 elements at a similar time by merely swapping out the motherboard.

To do this you need to initial verify what quite kind issue of motherboard your current pc supports.

The Motherboard kind issue

Many pc makers corresponding to HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, eMachine, and dicot genus build their computers supported four primary motherboard kind factors or style specifications and that they are:

ATX = Full Size Motherboard usually found fully size Desktop computers and Towers

Micro-ATX = middle Size motherboard found in middle Tower and Smaller Desktops

Mini-ATX = little Motherboard found in middle Towers, Smaller Desktops

Mini-ITX = Newest motherboards terribly little size found in new smaller towers and desktops

These kind factors discuss with the dimensions of the Motherboard itself. the pc case is meant to accommodate a selected size of Motherboard. Once you’ve got determined that kind issue your pc model is, then all you would like to try to to is purchase the proper kind issue Motherboard that matches your pc models case.

It would work like this. {let’s say|for instance|for example|as AN example|as an instance|to Illustrate|parenthetically|maybe} you’ve got an HP tent 750n microcomputer. this can be AN older pc with one core processor. Nice pc once it initial came out however terribly slow by today’s standards. you opt that you simply need to form it quicker by upgrading it to a Quad Core central processor however you would like to see if you’ll upgrade it.

You can verify whether or not or not you’ll upgrade that individual pc by attending to the HP support web site. On the positioning you’d sort in your pc model and appearance at the hardware specifications for that pc. HP can list the shape issue info within the specifications guide. Having done this persistently, I already apprehend the 750n uses a Micro-ATX kind issue.

Each pc manufacturer I named contains a support website on their webpage wherever you’ll move to verify your models kind issue. you’ll additionally do a groundwork on Yahoo, Google, or Bing and raise what kind issue your pc model is. If that does not work merely email American state or leave a treat this text and that i will assist you find it.

Once you recognize the sort of kind issue your pc model supports you’re currently able to decide what performance level you’d wish to upgrade your pc to.The performance level of the pc is usually settled by the central processor it uses. you’ll recall I indicated the central processor is usually mentioned because the brain of the pc as a result of it processes all the directions and it sets the computers overall speed supported it’s clock speed.Since the computers overall speed is about by the central processor, you sometimes begin your upgrade by determinant the central processor performance level you wish.

How you opt that performance level you’d wish to upgrade to will be supported however you utilize your pc and the way a lot of you wish to pay to upgrade it. usually speaking if you simply use your pc to send and receive email, browse the online, and save and share digital pictures from a photographic camera, then you’ll solely got to upgrade to a twin Core central processor to considerably improve you computing expertise.

If you play ample games, burns DVDs, edit movies or sound files, and work with high resolution pictures or graphics, then you’ll need to pick a Quad Core central processor to extend performance and improve your computing expertise.

From a value perspective you’ll expect to pay additional for a quicker central processor than you’d for a slower central processor and Quad Core CPUs area unit usually dearer than twin Cores. As a rule i think you ought to purchase the maximum amount as you’ll for as very little as potential that means you get the foremost for your cash and you will not need to upgrade once more for quite whereas.

When you area unit able to choose your central processor you may have decisions supported manufacturer and kind and there also are some variations between the assorted sorts of CPUs from every manufacturer that you ought to remember of.

There area unit 3 primary central processor makers Intel, AMD and Motorola, except for the aim of this text we have a tendency to area unit solely attending to specialise in Intel and AMD. Motorola is primarily to blame for creating CPUs for Apple Computers. Apple computers, area unit a proprietary pc model ANd it will be harder and additional pricey to upgrade an Apple pc.

This article is targeted on serving to the budget acutely aware, World Health Organization own what’s usually mentioned as AN IBM compatible pc, upgrade their pc simply and inexpensively. IBM compatible computers area unit known as those computers that primarily run a Microsoft Windows based mostly software package corresponding to Windows XP or Windows seven. Intel and AMD manufacture CPUs that support IBM compatible computers therefore those area unit the 2 makers we’ll specialise in.

For the aim of this text i’m not attending to enter nice detail concerning the variations between Intel and AMD CPUs. there’s already a major quantity of careful info obtainable on the net that describes every makers central processor chip design, likewise as offers aspect by aspect comparison.

I would invite you to try to to a touch analysis on however every makers chips area unit designed then review an internet site that benchmarks every CPUs performance. There area unit several links on central processor style, comparisons and reveiws on the weband this may assist you build your central processor selection.

The prevailing sentiment relating to AMD vs. Intel is that each CPUs, in either twin or Quad Core configuration, perform equally with Intel being slightly quicker. Intel CPUs have continuously been related to death penalty business applications quickly whereas AMD CPUs run multimedia system applications quickly. As you analysis their benchmark scores you may see Intel on a graph looks to dramatically out perform AMD however after you scrutinize the period of your time between the 2 it’s stripped.

Where you may see a major distinction between the 2 makers is in price. AMD CPUs area unit nearly always less costly than Intel CPUs. The question I continuously raise my purchasers is, “Is a four second quicker speed distinction price an additional $200 or $300 bucks additional by shopping for AN Intel CPU?” To American state it’s not.

I am searching for AN overall performance increase compared to what i’m presently exploitation. Once you upgrade your pc you’re not attending to be examination it to a different pc of equal performance, you may be examination it to the speed of your last pc. If once your upgrade, you discover your pc runs considerably quicker than your last pc and it did not price a lot of for you to attain that performance increase, you may be proud of your upgrade which is what’s vital.

CPU Cache

Earlier I indicated that RAM stores all the instruction information being transmitted to the central processor and throughout the pc. The central processor Cache is another type of high speed memory solely it’s specifically dedicated to the central processor. it’s been shown that a central {processing unit|CPU|C.P.U.|central methodor|processor|mainframe|electronic equipment|hardware|computer hardware} will process information quicker if additional of the info it should process will be hold on on memory placed nearer to the central processor itself.

All central processors keep company with a cache however some newer CPUs can keep company with an extra cache that’s quicker and might hold additional information nearer to the CPU. generally CPUs operational at the next clock speed and having an extra, quicker cache can supply higher performance.

A good example of this can be the distinction between the AMD Athlon and Phenom Series of CPUs. each the Athlon and Phenom series are available twin and Quad Core configurations however the Phenoim Series has an extra L3 cache creating the central processor quicker. It additionally makes a Phenom series central processor dearer than the Athlon Series.

Another fascinating choice morsel is there’s currently a version II for each the Athlon and Phenom Series. The version II offers a additional quicker cache thence each CPUs area unit alleged to be quicker than their predecessors but the benchmark numbers show a comparatively little increase in performance.

Be sure to try to to a touch analysis on the variations between the AMD and Intel CPUs and choose the one you are feeling are going to be applicable for your computing wants whereas meeting your budget goals. Once you’ve got chosen the central processor you wish you may then be able to choose the Motherboard that supports not solely your central processor however your pc kind issue likewise.

One very last thing relating to central processors area unit each AMD and Intel have completely different central processor kind issues therefore after you area unit choosing a Motherboard for the shape factor that meets your computers specifications you furthermore mght got to choose the one that matches your CPU selection. this could appear sophisticated however it’s not that troublesome once you begin watching the Motherboard and central processor mixtures.

The resellers I actually have showed you’ve got filtering choices on their web content which permit you to pick Motherboards which will support either AMD or Intel. you’ll additionally filter by each central processor and pc kind issue likewise which may assist you slender down your higher cognitive process.

Once you’ve got created a choice on the central processor, you wish to pick the Motherboard which will support the central processor you’ve got chosen. As way as Motherboards go there area unit many major manufactures of Motherboards and that they all manufacture the four main sorts of Motherboard kind factors. the key manufactures are:








This may seem to be loads to settle on from however as you start to filter on the central processor sort you’ll slender down your focus and build choosing the correct Motherboard easier.

Each motherboard can keep company with common options that area unit necessary for traditional pc operations and a few will keep company with further options that will or might not be helpful to you. the first issue to recollect concerning the Motherboard is that each one of the elements connect too it and you’ll opt to customise your pc upgrade the maximum amount or as very little you wish looking on the Motherboard you buy.

For example, you’ll purchase a Motherboard that has the video and sound card integrated into the board. this protects you each time and cash as a result of it eliminates the necessity for you to settle on a video or sound card, however if you wish a selected video or sound card, you’ll choose a Motherboard that doesn’t keep company with those integrated elements then choose the video and sound card you’d wish to install as add in cards onto the Motherboard.

Here may be a list of common Motherboards features:

Keyboard and Mouse input usually mentioned as a PS2 instrumentation

USB – Universal Serial Bus ports for connecting pc peripherals corresponding to (Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, photographic camera, external disc drive etc…)

Parallel Printer Port (not the maximum amount in newer motherboards as printers use USB)

Local space Network or computer network association for a network or net association

Dial-up electronic equipment (not as common in newer boards thanks to high speed net connections)

Optional Motherboard Features:

1394 or Fire-wire association (higher speed information connection)

External SATA or Serial-ATA association (higher speed information association designed to attach external SATA devices corresponding to a tough Drive)

HDMI – High-Definition multimedia system Interface to attach AN HD Monitor or TV, or to AN external High Definition Audio part

We touched on RAM earlier and that we apprehend that the RAM you select should be supported by the central processor and Motherboard you select. to form it easy it breaks down like this once upgrading. The central processor determines the sort of Motherboard you’ve got to settle on and your pc model determines the sort of Motherboard kind issue you decide on.

The Motherboard can dictate what sort of RAM {you can|you’ll|you may} be ready to use so will build your choice easier. the sole issue you may need to decide once it involves RAM, is that the size of RAM which means the number of Gigabytes, Gigs or GBs of RAM you select and also the RAM speed you decide on.

One different issue {you must|you need to|you need to} remember of is that the newer operational Systems corresponding to Windows panorama and Windows seven need a minimum of 2GBs of RAM to run properly therefore you may want to pick a minimum of 2GBs of RAM after you upgrade. Knowing this may build your call relating to the number of RAM pretty clear-cut. As way because the speed of RAM you decide on that once more can rely on the speeds the Motherboard can support, the number of performance you wish and the way a lot of you’re willing to pay.

As way as determinant the speed of RAM your Motherboard can support that’s not troublesome to see. As you start to appear at Motherboards you may see they clearly specify the sort and speed of RAM they support.

I have coated loads of knowledge up to the current purpose and that i hope you’ve got a stronger understanding of what’s needed for you to be ready to determine the Motherboard, central processor and RAM elements you’d got to upgrade your current pc. shopping for these elements and upgrading them your self is much less costly then going out and shopping for a brand new pc and that i am assured with this info as a start line you can also economize obtain upgrading the pc yourself.

There area unit but, 2 vital further items {of information|of data|of apprehendledge} you ought to know before you conceive to upgrade your pc.

  1. Before you upgrade your current pc you ought to keep a copy all of your vital information on to AN secondary storage device corresponding to AN external disc drive, USB jump drive or burn it onto a CD or videodisk.

The reason this can be vital is after you upgrade those elements {you can|you’ll|you may} be forced to set up the software package which will erase all this information on your disc drive. In further if you do not have AN installation disk for your current software package, you may got to purchase a brand new copy of Windows XP, panorama or Windows seven to put in once you’ve got upgraded the elements. this could not truly be a significant concern for you if you were already considering upgrading to a more recent version of Windows. additionally I will assist you realize a cheap copy of the Windows software package if you it.

  1. The new elements {you can|you’ll|you may} install in you current laptop are going to be additional advanced from an influence consumption stance and upgrading them will presumably need you to additionally upgrade your power offer.

The upgrade isn’t overpriced and may be a terribly simple to accomplish. the sort of power offer you may need to pick are going to be roughly four hundred watts a minimum of and can got to be a 20×4 pin or twenty four pin power offer. this can be the sort of power offer supported by the newer Motherboards. once more the Motherboard specifications can indicate the facility offer needs.

To make your pc quicker all you would like to try to to is upgrade the Motherboard, central processor and RAM. you begin by distinguishing the sort of Motherboard kind issue your current pc can support, and also the performance level you wish to upgrade to. Then you purchase the central processor that matches your performance wants together with the Motherboard and RAM that matches each your pc model and central processor specifications.

The one issue I did not cowl is that the actual installation of those elements once you’ve got purchased them and area unit able to install. At a high level the method is nothing additional then:

Unplugging the pc and disconnecting all peripheral elements corresponding to the keyboard, mouse and monitor from the case

Before you open the pc, discharge yourself electrically or purchase a static strap to ground yourself to the chassis, this can assist you avoid static discharge which may fry a pc part.

Removing the aspect cowl off the pc case

Disconnecting all the facility cables and information cables from the recent Motherboard

Unscrewing and removing the recent Motherboard from the case

Unscrewing and removing the recent power offer

Install the new power offer

Install the new Motherboard into the case

Reconnecting all the facility and information cables

Powering the pc keep a copy and listening for correct post sound

Now you’re able to install the software package

I know once you opt to start out this method you may have several queries that is why there’s one very last thing i’d suggest you are doing before you start to upgrade you pc.

There area unit several get laid yourself pc repair and upgrade manuals obtainable on-line and that they will give you all the assistance you would like to try to to your pc upgrade. several of the books can give you step by step rationalization on a way to replace on the subject of each part on your pc and supply you with careful diagrams therefore you’ll see a way to truly perform the removal or install. i’d recommend you create alittle investment and get one amongst these books.

If I may suggest any get laid yourself pc manual it might be “Self pc Repair Unleashed”.This book covers all aspects of pc upgrade and repair in an exceedingly clear pithy format and provides full color diagrams and step by step directions to assist you thru any pc upgrade or repair. i am unable to suggest this book enough. I actually have provided a link to the current book on the links page of my web site below in my signature.

I many thanks for reading my article and that i hope it’s impressed you to travel out ANd tackle what you’ll have originally thought was an not possible task. you’ll upgrade your pc yourself and save yourself loads of cash too.

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