Ensuring a Hassle Free Solo Trip

By | February 15, 2019
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Travelling solo might well be one of the most exciting things you will ever decide to do. Sure, travelling with a company is fun and you’ll never be lonely; but think about it, how many times have you actually explored a foreign place all by yourself? When was the last time you did precisely what you wanted, at your own pace, without worrying that the others are not having a good time? Possibly never. But it can be an exhilarating experience if done correctly and with a large dose of common sense.

Solo travel is the ultimate freedom. When you travel on your own you can see and do things on a whim, be able to reflect on your experiences in peace, or simply laze around and observe the traffic of life. However, if you do decide to travel on your own, among the important considerations is personal safety. While nobody likes to think of bad things happening on holiday, single trip travel insurance is your safety net just in case anything does. While adventurous types may say that you don’t need it and that travelling should be fun, spontaneous and not an occasion to anticipate untoward incidents, wisdom should always come ahead of whimsy.

Anything can happen in a foreign place, and if you’re by yourself you won’t have anyone to turn to, aside from a reliable insurance policy! If you are not a frequent traveller and you only take one holiday a year, a single trip travel insurance policy will cover you adequately. Compared to the outlay, the peace of mind is priceless.

Aside from getting single trip travel insurance, here are some no nonsense tips for those who are planning to go solo.

Know your destination

This is an important rule; it would be totally crazy to head to a new place with no idea about its culture, language, and places of interest. Before you leave, study your maps and read some guides and online information. Nothing says “clueless tourist” more than standing lost on a street corner with a guidebook and an upside-down map.

The best things in life…

Aside from investing in single trip travel insurance for your peace of mind, a really good tip when travelling alone is to research a list of attractions you can visit for free. Check out the parks and monuments where you can take pictures, and museums that offer free entry. As you are by yourself, you can squeeze in plenty of places of interest without spending a lot – it’s your choice.

Act confidently

When walking in strange cities or towns make sure that your stride is purposeful and not unsure. A tourist is often prey for those with bad intentions, so act like you know exactly where you are going and stay in safe, well-lit places. Also, never put your guard down when you’re having fun in a bar, restaurant or the beach – that is prime time to be targeted by thieves.

Find friends before you leave for your destination

You’ll no doubt meet people on loosely the same trail as you; make contacts and keep in touch so when you arrive in a strange city you may already have a network of friends. While travelling alone is an incredibly enriching experience, no man or woman is an island and a friendly face can do wonders for flagging spirits.

Stay safe

Don’t do anything foolish like jump off a cliff on a deserted beach or get drunk alone in a bar. No matter where you are, common sense must prevail.

These tips and a simple single trip travel insurance policy will make sure that your whole journey is hassle free.

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