Ensuring a Hassle Free Solo Trip

Travelling solo might well be one of the most exciting things you will ever decide to do. Sure, travelling with a company is fun and you’ll never be lonely; but think about it, how many times have you actually explored a foreign place all by yourself? When was the last time you did precisely what… Read More »

3 Reasons You Need Family Travel Insurance

Does it really still make sense to buy family travel insurance in this day and age of budget flights and group Internet deals? It’s a logical question, especially when it’s so cheap to just get new flights these days. However, the important thing to remember is that the chances of things going wrong on a… Read More »

The Truth About Leads Agents: Get To Work

Insurance sales is a paradigm. On the one hand an agent can earn a very good living if he can get on a steady flow of leads each week. The opposite side of that is if he doesn’t, he won’t last long in this business. The problem is that it is very hard to get… Read More »

The Lies Told To Agents About Leads

Agents must meet prospects and make presentations in order to get sales. Typically these presentations are the result of working leads. The quality of those leads should be of the utmost importance to any agent who wants to succeed in this business. Sadly many agents are told lies about the leads they receive. This article… Read More »

How to Choose Your Family Travel Insurance Plan

When it comes to choosing your family travel insurance plan, too many options can make it rather confusing. Unless you know what you’re looking for you may end up either paying too much for items you don’t need, or end up underinsured when things go very wrong. So how do you know you have the… Read More »

The Most Notorious Business Risks To Look Out For

Starting a business is one thing, but keeping it running is quite another. The first few years of business are usually the most critical and if care is not taken to safeguard the business against unwanted risks, it is very likely to go under without warning. Before a business becomes a huge conglomerate, it has… Read More »

What Does My Health Insurance Cover?

Health insurance is a topic that is not only very polarizing, but is also scary because of the ever-changing environment and policies that are employed. Most people are not sure what is covered, at what rate, at any given office, until an event happens that needs attention. Barb recently found out that despite all the… Read More »

Four Ways Get Motivated To Go Through Life

Motivation is needed in many areas of life. When your days start to look miserable and depressing, it may be time to look for a picker up. Being depressed is a state of the mind that is easy to change, depending on your willingness to do so. You have to be able to change the… Read More »